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RIP Expanded Text Ads. Responsive Search Ads Coming June 30th 2022

By John |  

It would seem Google ads are soon to make another big change to their paid advertising system. As of June 30th, 2022, Google will retire the expanded text ad (ETAs) format and replace it with responsive search ads (RSAs). Any existing expanded text ads will still be in the account, but you will not be able to create new ones, or edit existing ones after this date.

Those of us in the industry expected this change when Google made responsive search ads the default format. To switch back to expanded text ads you have to first create a responsive ad and then click the “use expanded text ads instead” link, which is displayed just above the Ad strength preview.

Why is Google Making This Change?

It’s clear that Google is pushing their A.I. The more the Google ads system can be automated, the easier it becomes to set up and manage campaigns. And therefore more customers will sign up for Google ads.

The way in which people search the web has changed dramatically over the last 20 years, and even more so during the COVID pandemic. Initially, Google lost revenue from large advertisers in the hospitality/travel industries who paused their accounts at the start of COVID.

However, as many people were forced into lockdown web traffic peaked at an all-time high, and Google quickly recovered. For those of us in the Google PPC industry, it feels like Google used the pandemic as a reason to “test” more automation.

Google’s reason for using RSA’s

According to Google, 15% of search queries every day are new searches that they have never seen before. They state – “automation is key to keeping pace with these trends. Responsive search ads are a great example of how this is done”.

However, Google has been saying 15% of all search queries are new for years. So, in my opinion, it does seem Google is using this statistic to push automation with RSA’s.

Drop a pin on it!

The good news is you can use pin’s to tell Google which headline and description to use, and in what position they are displayed. You have the choice to pin every headline and description or pin some headlines and descriptions. This is good for advertisers who want to maintain control.