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Google Shopping Management Services

Google Shopping Ads is the most cost-effective way for online retailers to drive revenue from Google search

The Google Shopping network is a comparison engine that showcases your product inventory, ready for your customers to purchase. Shopping ads display across the Google network – Google search, Google Display, YouTube, Gmail & Partner sites.

A lot of time and energy is involved in setting up and optimising a Google shopping account. Therefore for many companies, it only makes sense to outsource these tasks.

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Why Google Shopping?

Google Shopping helps customers discover important product information before they even visit your e-website. Shopping Ads show above Adwords & organic search, therefore they drive more traffic to your e-commerce businesses.

Google shopping works best for brands that are priced competitively in a market that isn’t oversaturated.

However, Google Shopping management is time-consuming and requires knowledge and experience to ensure it’s profitable. As a Google PPC Consultant, I create and manage high-performing shopping campaigns. I work with you to optimise your budget and establish an optimal shopping strategy.

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The Benefits of Google Shopping VS Search Ads

Google Shopping Ads Perform Better

Shopping Ads are product targeted, so the UX is more engaging with your customers. This increases click-through rate (CTR), and because of a higher CTR, Shopping ads are 23% cheaper than Google search ads.

Increased ROI

Greater return on investment due to lower CPC’s and higher conversion rates. Google Shopping Ads provide a higher return on investment because your product ads focus on the right customers. Studies have shown that Google Shopping Ads generate 26% higher conversion rates than ordinary text PPC Ads.

Optimised for mobile devices

Google Shopping Ads are optimised for mobile devices. Unlike text-based advertising, a carousel of up to 20 results appears in the ad array, positioned right at the top of the page, increasing product visibility compared to ordinary PPC Ads.

Higher Revenue

Google shopping drives higher search volumes from more long-tail keywords, leading to more significant overall sales revenue.

My Google Shopping approach

Google shopping is a complex system made up of many components and is constantly updated. It requires commitment, precise planning, implementation, and continued optimisation to drive an effective ROI.

With my 10+ years of experience as a Google Premier Partner and PPC Consultant, I will set up your product feed, create a Google merchant account and implement your Google shopping campaigns. I can also regularly optimise your campaigns to drive a positive ROI for a monthly retainer fee.

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PPC Consultant

Below is my checklist of how I would implement a Google shopping Strategy

Check your website adheres to the Google Shopping policy. Ensure you have an SSL certificate installed correctly, returns policy page, delivery policy, inc VAT pricing, online transactions, etc.
Set up your Google Merchant account for the feed to be submitted and reviewed by a Google employee.
Create a product database feed in your CMS (i.e. WordPress, Magento, Shopify) or create a manual feed, which is sometimes quicker if you have a small selection of products.
Set up the Google Shopping campaign in the Google ads interface
Structure campaign priorities based on your most profitable products
As a PPC specialist, I will regularly optimise your Google Shopping Ads to drive maximum return on investment
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How Google Shopping Works

Unlike Google Ads and paid search, Shopping relies on a data feed that informs Google which products to include and which queries they should display rather than bidding on keywords and search impressions.

Your product information is submitted via a feed to serve ads on Google shopping, which can either be manually created or automated generated, depending on your web platform (WordPress, Magento, Shopify, etc.). Your product feed is uploaded to a Google Merchant Center account, where Google verifies it. Once approved, you can begin advertising on the Google network.

Minimum Website Requirements

A website checkout

T&Cs and Returns Policy pages

Secure SSL checkout

Bar codes for branded items