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Google Ads Account Audits

Struggling to get to grips with Google AdWords?

You managed to set up your campaign, but what now? Google Ads is a very effective advertising platform when used properly.

However, there are many features and nuances that are changing on a regular basis which means trying to stay on top of your own advertising campaign whilst simultaneously trying to run a business can eat into your valuable time and resources.

Collaborating with a Google Ads Specialist  can optimise your resources and help you grow your business.

Image of Google Ads dashboard on iMac for AdWords Audit

Auditing Your AdWords Account

Reviewing Search Queries

I will review your search queries to find wasted spend and identify potential opportunities. This information will be used to help implement a long term campaign strategy.

Audit Adverts

All Google ads will be analysed to help identify which ones are performing well, by using a combination of click through rate, conversion volume and conversion rate, or profit per ad impression.

Reviewing Quality Scores

Your Google Ads account quality score will be reviewed and suggestions will be made to improve it. Suggestions include improving CTR, relevance and landing page suggestions.

Confirming Conversions

All existing conversions (leads/sales) tracking will be checked in the Google Ads interface. If any tracking is missing this will be reported. Any missing tracking codes can then be added to you website.