Google Ads Training

Learn Google Ads with a qualified expert – I have over 15 years commercial experience training companies & individuals

My Google Ads Training service is unique to anything in the digital marketing industry. I have tailored this PPC training programme through years of experience based on previous clients’ unique requirements.


What makes my training unique?

Not only is my training designed to help you understand Google Ads, but during the process, I will help you set up a new account or modify an existing one, which makes the training much more powerful. Then, during further training sessions, we will review and make changes based on your live data, which is the best way for you to learn.

With my tailored training, you will learn about Google PPC advertising and how to optimise your account to improve return on investment (ROI) if you are an e-commerce retailer or improve leads for the service industry.

Grow your business with Google Ads, reaching out to new customers and businesses through:

  • Google Search
  • Display Network
Computer & Mobile showing AdWords dashboard for Google Ads training

Understanding Google Ads

I have found over the years that training combined with setting up or adjusting your Google account is much more practical and beneficial in helping you understand the Google Ads Ecosystem. I provide the perfect combination of practical and theoretical methods necessary for a holistic learning experience.

With my training, you will understand how to increase your profitability. Running a profitable and successful AdWords campaign is vital, and together, we will analyse all data points that need adjusting to maximise your advertising ROI.  Typically, during training sessions, we cover:

  • Keyword research
  • Account settings
  • Campaign & ad group buildouts
  • Keywords & negative keywords
  • Advert creation
  • Bid Strategies
  • Conversion tracking

Option 1: On-site Google Ads Training

Full Day (8 Hours) Onsite Training (£1,100+VAT)

I travel to your premises* and together we spend an entire day (9am-5pm) going through your existing Google Ads account or we go through the process of setting up a new account.

This is a one-to-one training solution. However, I am happy to train up to a maximum of three people at a time. I like to keep training sessions to a small audience as I feel they learn better.

For most clients, one session is typically enough for you to gain a good understanding of the Google Ads System. However, larger and more complex accounts might need additional training days or follow-ups via remote support. I am pretty flexible and will work to your requirements.

My Onsite Training Plan:

Discuss your KPIs and business objectives.
Review the existing account performance
Keyword research
Build the campaign structure, with keywords
Construct Google Ads and extensions
Install and test conversion tracking

*Travel and accommodation fees not included in the above price. Travel and accommodation is not charged within 50 miles of Northampton (NN9) post code.

Option 2: Remote / Online AdWords Training

4 x Two-Hour Sessions (8-hours total) – (£800+VAT)

This is the remote training version of my full-day training option (£300 cheaper than in-person training), typically spread over a two or three-week period (depending on your availability). Typically, we share computer screens on Skype, Google, Teams, Zoom, etc. I will audit your Google Ads Account and make the recommended changes on the call.

From experience, I find remote training works best in two-hour slots. To complete the full 8-hour Google AdWords training, you will need to schedule Four x 2-hour sessions. Most clients achieve this over three weeks, which seems to work effectively.

We also find that training works well because we can review data and adjust accordingly each session.

Remote Google AdWords Training Plan

Training Slot 1

1. Learning the basics of Google Ads.

2. Discuss objectives (KPIs) and business goals.

3. Review existing account set up performance or set up new account.

Training Slot 2

1. Keyword research

2. Build correct campaign structure

Training Slot 3

1. Create adverts and extensions

2. Configure conversion tracking in the Google dashboard and your business website.

Training Slot Four

1. Access and understand the data of your campaigns.

2. Perform any necessary alterations to optimise your advertising.

Option 3

Google Ads Training sessions – Remote

Hourly Training (£100ph)

Hourly remote training (Skype, Teams, Zoom etc.) is an excellent option if you do not require a full day’s training in-house. Sometimes you just want to find out certain aspects of the Google Ads System, and 8-hours is simply not necessary.

For example, you may have questions like – “How do I change or optimise my Ad Schedule?”, “Can you show me how to research the best keywords?”,How do I add negative keywords to optimise my campaign? “or “How do I maximise my CTR?”. etc. This is where hourly training calls are more beneficial for you.

Option 4

Remote via Email, Phone, SMS

Hourly Training (£100ph)

If you have questions about your Adwords Account and don’t have the time to sit through an online video call or an entire day’s training, I am happy to provide support over the telephone, email or SMS/WhatsApp.

About John Cammidge

My name is John Cammidge, a Google Specialist and Google qualified Partner. For the past 17 years, I have successfully consulted, audited, set up and managed Google Ads campaigns for many clients, with advertising budgets ranging from as little as £500 to £50,000 per month. I work with many eCommerce and lead generation clients –generating £8m+ in revenue and over 10,000 leads every year.