Google Shopping Management Service

The Google shopping platform is a fantastic way for eCommerce retailers to drive revenue from your AdWords account. Google shopping is a comparison engine that showcases your inventory. Displaying important product information like images, prices, delivery costs & more.

Shopping helps customers see your brand, product & price before they even visit your website, and because Google shopping shows above traditional text ads you drive more qualified traffic as a result.

Benefits of Google Shopping VS Traditional Text Ads

• Lower cost per click
• Higher conversion rates
• Drives more longtail keywords
• Greater return on investment (ROI)

Minimum Website Requirements

There are many requirements for Google shopping, which vary depending on your industry. The minimum website requirements are: A website checkout, terms and conditions page, returns policy page and a secure SSL checkout. If you sell branded items each product requires a bar code to show in Google shopping. This information can usually be provided by your manufacturer. If you sell bespoke or antique items a barcode is not required.

Where I can Help

Google shopping is a complex system. It requires planning, implementing and continued optimisation. With my knowledge and experience I can setup your database feeds, create the shopping campaigns and regularly optimise them to drive a positive return on investment.

Below are the steps that I undertake as part of a shopping strategy:

1. Check website is in line with Google shopping policy
2. Setup your Google merchant account for the feed to be submitted
3. Create a product database feed in your content management system (i.e. wordpress, magento, shopify etc)
4. Setup the Google shopping campaign
5. Bid on your most profitable products
6. Regularly optimise Google shopping to drive positive ROI

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