Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) can be a complicated and frustrating system to understand, it requires years of experience and expertise to become proficient. This is where my consultation services can help you achieve your PPC advertising objectives.

So, if you are looking to brush up on your knowledge of Google ads so that you can run campaigns in-house or are wanting someone to audit you account and give you guidance on a regular or ah-hoc basis then my consulting service is perfect for you.

I offer the following consultation services

  • In person training
  • Telephone consultancy
  • Skype consultancy (with screen share)

My consultancy service is tailored to your individual needs. There are generally two types of consulting services I offer, and this depends on your situation:

Option 1: I don’t have a Google ads account

If you don’t currently have a Google ads account and would like one setting up, we would need to discuss the following:

  1. Decide on KPI’s
  2. The products and services you wish to advertise.
  3. Keyword research based on the above.
  4. Choosing a starting monthly budget
  5. The metrics you wish to track in the PPC interface (phone calls, online orders, forms, live chats etc.)
  6. Discuss the account setup strategy and decide who will implement.

Option 2: I have a Google ads account

  1. Review of existing account performance by analysing historical data
  2. Decide on KPI’s
  3. Using historical data and KPI’s to create campaigns


Why Choose Me

I am a fully qualified Google AdWords & Bing Ads consultant and have successfully managed hundreds of PPC campaigns since 2004. Today, I work with a diverse number of e-commerce and lead generation clients, with advertising budgets ranging anywhere from £250 to £60,000 per month.

I offer a range of pay per click services, including account audits, one-off setups, monthly management, consultancy & training, I can effectively and efficiently setup & manage your Google Text, Shopping, Display, Remarketing and YouTube campaigns.

Contact me today on 01604 550025 to find out more.